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Hailea Compressor

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These pumps provide an exceptionally large airflow for the size of the unit are designed for performance over sound levels (they would be too loud to use in your living room for example).

As with any air pump always ensure the pump is higher than the water source or use one-way valves to stop water siphoning back to the pump.
You can prolong the pump’s life by balancing the output with a valve to release any excess pressure and avoid running pumps with no load at all on the output.
If you have a long run of airline, use a larger trunk line (e.g 13mm) before reducing to individual 4mm lines, this helps maintain pressure and air flow.

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ACO-009E, ACO-300A

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We specialize in tag engraving and stock a comprehensive range of general pet care products, please make sure you read product description or contact us for more product information if you have any questions.

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We will invoice freight fee separately if you are based outside New Zealand.

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